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Cheers to Detroit Lakes and Lake Park-Audubon voters; Detroit Lakes officials reconsidering warming house

Cheers to voters in the Detroit Lakes and Lake Park-Audubon school districts for showing they care about quality education by supporting new operating levies.

The operating levy in Lake Park-Audubon will increase by a third, and was especially important for the future of the district.

It's unfortunate that operating levies failed in Pelican Rapids and Perham, and those school districts will have no choice but to implement big cuts and try again next year.

This is the end result of Gov. Tim Pawlenty's "no new taxes" stance. It will be great for his presidential campaign, where he can boast that he has been a hawk on taxes, but it hasn't been good for education in Minnesota.

There have been no new state income taxes, but state funding hasn't kept up and now locals have to shoulder the burden through higher property taxes -- if school districts can convince cash-strapped voters to do so.


Cheers to those Detroit Lakes officials who are reconsidering an ill-advised plan not to staff the Lincoln Rink warming house this winter.

The City's Public Works Committee will revisit the issue at 3 p.m. Monday at city hall (above the municipal liquor store) for anyone interested in weighing in on the issue.


Jeers to drivers who forget to turn on their headlights.

While one reader of one of our sister newspapers, the Alexandria Echo Press, is grateful for stories about changes to the seat belt law and seat-belt use crackdowns by law enforcment, he believes not enough attention is being given to another driving law - the statutory requiring headlights to be turned on during inclement weather.

"Today's [October 31] weather would have been the perfect time for officers to start ticketing motorists who drive without lights," the reader said. "I put on many miles in and around Alexandria, all during daylight hours, and everywhere I drove - on city streets and county highways - I encountered many vehicles without headlights, parking lights or any lights whatsoever.

"Sometimes in the mist and darkness of the day, an approaching vehicle would be only a car-length or two away before it was even visible.

"Why aren't these vehicles being stopped and the drivers ticketed?

"Many years ago, we flashed our lights at unlighted vehicles as a courtesy. Today, because of road rage, one doesn't dare do it. I call on you (the media) to constantly remind drivers to turn on headlights in bad weather."

With inclement weather hitting the lakes area every few days lately, it seems, a simple step of turning on headlights can mean the difference between a serious accident or a narrow miss.

Motorists, please remember to turn on your headlights during bad weather.