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Jeers to cemetery vandals

Jeers to whoever tipped over grave markers in the Catholic cemetery across from the water tower on Rossman Avenue.

Three gravestones were knocked over and one was damaged in the vandalism.

The cemetery is dark, unfenced and, unfortunately, easily accessible since it's located right in town. Vandalism has been a problem at the cemetery in the past -- someone broke the arm off a statue of Jesus there a few years ago.

We urge passersby and neighbors to keep a sharp eye out and report any suspicious activity in the cemetery, especially at night. It would be nice to help the police catch whoever is responsible for this despicable behavior.


Cheers to those willing to stuff a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child, the charity project that ships shoebox gifts to needy children overseas.

Here's how it works: Just fill a shoebox with school supplies, toiletries, toys and candy. Include a suggested donation of $7 in cash or check to help defray shipping costs, and drop it off at Community Alliance Church, 508 Elm St. W., in Detroit Lakes.

In the past, contributors knew merely that their boxes were bound for one of some 130 countries involved in the project.

But starting this year, participants will be able to find out exactly where their shoebox is headed.

Samaritan's Purse has added the option to pay the suggested donation online. Participants can then print out a label in their e-mail receipt and stick it to the box. That will help organizers track the shipment and send an e-mail with the destination.

For more information, call (800) 501-2556 or visit


Cheers to the Becker County Dive team.

Its members put in long hours to do an unpleasant, sometimes traumatic, but very necessary job .

Often -- as was the case on Tuesday with the duck hunter at Rat Lake -- it involves recovering bodies of drowning victims or those who died when their cars went into a lake.

Our thanks go out to them.