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Other Opinions: Food shelves in need

Have you ever known hunger -- beyond a mild stomach growling because your meeting ran long and you haven't had time to eat lunch yet?

Unfortunately, some people here in America and in the Minnesota who know real hunger.

Some parents go hungry to make sure their families have enough to eat, while others just can't afford to buy food for their children. Hunger in the Heartland, a recent study by Second Harvest Heartland, found that 29 percent of adults who used a food shelf didn't eat for a whole day and 53 percent skipped or cut the size of meals because they couldn't afford to buy food.

While food shelves are always in need of monetary and nonperishable food donations, summer is a time of greater need for families because children are at home instead of in school. Food shelves in Minnesota are seeing an increased demand and a decrease in donations this summer.

This is the season for fresh fruit and vegetables. Yet, fresh produce can be expensive to buy, and the cost can quickly outweigh the taste and nutritional benefits for individuals and families on a limited budget.

Fresh quality fruit and vegetables are among the many products most needed at food shelves. So, this summer, consider donating to a food shelf some of the fresh fruit or vegetables you're growing in your garden. Or, if you don't have a garden but like to shop at farmers markets, why not buy an extra container of fresh food and deliver it to your food shelf? Not only will you be helping a farmer in your area, you'll be feeding others in your community.

-- St. Cloud Times