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Letter: All, including animals, deserve protection from abuse

All animals are creatures of God, like humans are. In my opinion the removal of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's online database documenting with oversight on any animal abuse IS INHUMANE and UNACCEPTABLE, as is the dismissal of any other Just Law of Protection and Rights.

How can a conservative presidential administration, or anyone who base themselves as pro-life, and go to great lengths to advocate protection for the different stages of unborn life not yet

in the world, allow the abuse of animals presently in this world—who are sentient beings, with the

ability to feel, love, and give affection, just as you and I or a baby.

Anything capable of that goodness has a soul, for God is love and where it dwells doesn't matter as much as the fact that love does dwell and exists. I know and believe this as a farmer and individual person, but mostly through the experience and Life from my greatest blessing, Ealijah through God's Love, and the miraculous light appearing in his eye in that tender moment of forever as I gently held him in which our souls were joined for all eternity.

For those who have been blessed with the love and companionship of animals, understanding the serious importance of animal protection is easy. For others, the stewardship and respect for sentient living beings is required as people of faith. It is hypocritical to allow abuse of the animals and not for people, just as it is hypocritical to be for the rights of one race and not another's. All deserve protection from abuse.

We must stand strong together for ALL people, animals, nature, and environment of the world that we are ALL stewards and responsible to protect and care for. Not one is less important than the other, because they are ALL dependent on each other for Life, and equal existence with equal rights. We must protect, save, and cherish it ALL. Nothing should suffer for the interest of another,

power and greed should have no rule over the well-being and rights of another. All deserve protection from abuse.

The animals are innocent and have no voice but ours. Transparency of this kind should be granted, not private, just as sex offenders or criminal history behaviors should be made aware to the public with great concern for the protection, safety, and welfare of All.

If you can try to protect us from violence or harm from those outside our country, then you better be doing it from those within our country, as well, by protecting animals and citizens alike from any violence or harm by anyone. Abuse IS WRONG. There is NO Justification for abuse.

Animal protection from abuse should not be dismissed as trivial or unimportant, for the heartlessness of abuse is the same action of cruelty and disrespect for anyone. There is no

excuse for this heartless behavior, or the heartless decisions made when it comes to abuse. We must not surrender our ethics and integrity, our humane and good judgment, our civilized and rational decisions, and acts, we need to prevent animal abuse, human abuse, or abuse of any kind.

Whatever we do, great or small, makes a difference in our lives and ALL others. May our trails of defining moments SHINE for our future paths.— LoriJayne M. Grahn, Pelican Rapids