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Letter: Trump's repeated lying is dangerous to nation

In Walter Cronkite's preface to the 1984 edition of George Orwell's novel "1984," he wrote "Since '1984' was published in 1949, we've met Big Brother in Hitler, Stalin and Khomeini...Every time a political leader expects or demands that we believe the absurd, we experience that mental process Orwell called doublethink. We hear Orwell's Newspeak in every use of language to manipulate, deceive, to cover harsh realities."

Donald Trump has lied to us repeatedly: "I saw thousands of Muslims cheering when the Twin Towers fell; 3-5 million illegal voters caused me to lose the popular vote; President Obama was not born in the U.S," and expects us to believe his absurd lies.

Perhaps worse than that, after being fact checked, he doubles down on the lies and has his staff repeat the lies. One is reminded of Orwell's Ministry of Truth which reinforced the lies being told to the people in the novel. And what could be more "1984" Newspeak than "alternative facts?"

The president lies to us so often that one of two things must be true, both of which are frightening. Either he lies to us like the despots Cronkite references, to manipulate or deceive or, as conservative commentator Andrew Sullivan said on CNN's Reliable Sources, he is mentally unstable and has lost his orientation to reality. Either way, he puts the nation in peril and undermines faith in important democratic institutions including newspapers and other media.

We are so polarized politically that for Trump supporters to begin to understand how dangerous Trump's lying is, perhaps only Republicans and other Trump supporters can make the case. Please, please Republicans, openly, pointedly, boldly tell your party members "the president's lying is destructive to the country we all love." —Howie Anderson, Ponsford