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Letter: Why put dog park before human kids?

We were surprised to see the article "A park just for canines." We moved to Detroit Lakes six years ago and live in a new area without a decent park close by.

Croviseir Park (by the Boys and Girls club) is close but only has one way to enter the park and it has no flat areas where you could get a softball game going.

It would be nice if the city would set aside areas when their new housing plan is put into motion.

When we moved here, there was ample room for a park, but none was ever developed.

The park by the lake is fine, but are we supposed to haul the children to the one park in town that may work for playing ball?

Children in a housing area should be able to walk to a park near by and meet other children where they can play in an open area that is safe from cars.

We don't want them playing in the streets, but in our area there isn't much choice. We talk about getting kids outside and away from the cell phones, but what do we do about it?

-- Jordell and Hilda Brose, Detroit Lakes