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Letter: House Speaker Daudt needs to do his job

My Dear Mr. (Speaker of the Minnesota House) Kurt Daudt: Please do your job! Moorhead very badly needs the underpasses. It's about job creation, commerce and safety. They will have a significant and positive effect on downtown Moorhead. Your hypocrisy is glaring and juvenile. Do your job!

A tax cut for roughly 850 Minnesotans at the expense of preschool for 4-year-olds is nothing short of ridiculous. Do your job!

Your support of tax cuts for so-called "job creators" is getting more than tiresome. Real job creators need well-educated employees, do they not? They need people who can pass aptitude, physical and drug tests, do they not? Do your job!

Out-state Minnesota needs broadband, quality education, good highways and water treatment for commerce, healthy living and life itself. Please do your job!

Winning is not always about tax cuts, field goals, jock straps and packing heat. It's about doing the right thing. It's called political and economic decency.—Leland Jenson, Detroit Lakes