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Detroit Lakes should pass Tobacco 21

In last Sunday's edition (June 4) you printed a "letter to the editor" from Jen Hoban who was not honest about her self-interest as the owner of Masterpiece Vapors. I feel her letter to the editor has a lot of half-truths or outright falsehoods that needs to be rebutted. It was a lengthy piece so I felt that it needed a lengthy reply.

Last month we were finally able to make a presentation to the Safety Committee of the Detroit Lakes City Council. Hoban and another person were well prepared with their testimony against it too because it involves big money. The committee stated after hearing the testimony that they would decide at this coming Monday's meeting whether they would recommend studying it further or killing it after having time to look at a number of legal and other issues. So far, only Edina in April has passed Tobacco 21 in Minnesota. 20 states ban communities from acting on their own. Two states now mandate tobacco 21 (Hawaii and California). I'm hoping that we can join the 260 + communities in 17 states that have passed it in our country. We would be the second in Minnesota if we did pass a community ordinance. If we pass it in Detroit Lakes, I'm confident that we can pass it in Frazee too.


Bob Koshnick, M.D.