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Message to protesters: Trump is president, get over it

After reading the article on the huge hate group in DL of 25 Trump protesters (The purveyors of truth) I felt sad that they didn't have anyone to spend Memorial Day with. They are talking about truth. Have they been in a coma for the last eight years? They want to protect the people. These CNN-watching idiots are so blind to think that Hillary, Barry (Obama) and the straight talker Comey were ever there to protect us.

There is no truth when it comes to politicians—never has been, never will. I voted for a businessman to run this country like a business and to keep this country safe.

One woman was worried about women's rights. I must have missed the memo. I think Trump is a fan of women. I did like that she had the foresight to bring garbage bags because she knows what a mess Trump protesters leave behind.

Comparing Trump to Hitler is just plain stupid, what rock did this guy crawl out from under? What's next for these people, maybe a fake severed head? Oh, that's right—one of their own already did that. There will always be something with these people no matter what truth comes out. When we (not me) voted Barry into office just to prove we are not a racist society (I blame Mike Ditka) I went to work, because protesting would be senseless and troublesome.

Use your time more productively. Trump is the president, get over it. You can always move to another country and take De Niro with you. This is my way of flipping you off. Until next time ...

-- Mike Wasche, Perham