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Letter: Progressive-Greens have promising ideas

I’m a fiscal conservative, a co-owner of several, not-so-small, businesses in northern Minnesota. My family’s been in business for over two generations and most vote Republican.

Now, business is not so good. Sales have dropped. Too many people sporadically employed with marginalized wages. This is terribly sad as I remember how vibrant our Main Street businesses were during the Eisenhower years.

Back then, the marginal tax rate was nearly 90 percent for highest earners. That’s unthinkable now. But sales were amazingly good and businesses thrived.

Then something happened. American capitalism and conservatism changed dramatically (but few still realize it) — from industrial to finance capitalism, where now a few individuals produce not useful products but only money, to hoard or squander the riches for themselves. Meanwhile, society disintegrates with corruption, crime, poverty, environmental ravaging, and perpetual warfare!

“Suicidal capitalism.” Finance capitalists won’t give it up. Liberals tinkering with more spending and regulations can’t fix it.

Centralized socialism failed. Centralized “Rothschild/Wall Street-style” global capitalism collapsing. Big government sandbags any economy.

Alternatives? Ideas from the progressive-Greens sound promising: decentralized governance; locally-owned enterprises; worker-managed production; cooperative food, housing, and medical systems yielding shorter work weeks, equitable employment, happier people, stronger communities, and sustainable environments. — Vern Simula, Virginia