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Opinion: Students are the benefactors of tuition freeze

It’s about time the state Board of Trustees thought of the students when it decided to freeze tuition costs earlier this week.

Students at M State will be among the benefactors. While tuition at M State remains a good value, we wondered how long that would be the case if tuition continued to increase.

In recent years, students at all colleges have seen costs increase and job prospects increasing difficult to procure. Perhaps, as the economy continues to rebound, and with this tuition freeze, perhaps the playing field will level out for those students.

Perhaps the biggest winners will be non-traditional students who are also paying rent, utilities and groceries for their family.

The freeze will keep returning to school more affordable for these students as well.

We give a big thumbs up to the state board for the decision and hope colleges, such as M State, will see an influx of students wishing to further their education. — Fergus Falls Daily Journal