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Training would be a better use of minimum wage money

While it’s hard not to justify an increase from the $7.25 minimum wage, the Legislature’s decision to increase it by more than 30 percent to $9.50 per hour, especially in Greater Minnesota, is excessive.

The fact is, the minimum wage increase affects Greater Minnesota far more than the Twin Cities metro area, where starting wages are typically above minimum due to market conditions stemming from a higher cost of living.

Jobs that pay the minimum wage are typically either those who rely on tips for much of their income, or low-skill jobs.

The increase will certainly mean lost profits and potential business investments, and the jobs those investments would create, for business owners.

No one wants to pay low wages to employees, but it’s an economic reality that some jobs need to be low paying.

If politicians want to get involved, they would be better off expanding job training programs for employees who make minimum wage.

Such programs would benefit both the employee and current and potential employers. — Fergus Falls Daily Journal