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Bringing soldier home was right step

It is unfortunate that all of America is not happy about Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s release after years as a prisoner of war under the Taliban in Afghanistan. One wonders where the “Support our troops” motto applies in this case?

Bergdahl has now spent a week under U.S. medical care in Afghanistan and Germany. Meanwhile, a political firestorm has erupted over the prisoner exchange that led to his release. Bergdahl was exchanged for five Taliban leaders being held at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

The issue of Bergdahl’s status as a POW is paramount, regardless of his previous actions.

The U.S. has a solemn responsibility to always bring its troops home, regardless of the expense.

There is also a humanitarian principle of leaving any American service personnel in captivity, especially when health concerns may be putting a life at risk.

With Bergdahl’s distinction as being the last American held as a POW by the Taliban, it is important that America not forget him for convenience or political agendas.

Obtaining Bergdahl’s release was the right move by the U.S.

After Bergdahl completes his medical recovery from his five-years of imprisonment, there will be more than enough time to review his past actions on the battlefield. After all, he is still alive.

Bergdahl remains a member of the military, which certainly will investigate the circumstances of his leaving his position in Afghanistan and subsequent capture by the Taliban. Once the investigation is complete, he can be held responsible for his actions.

Bergdahl may still provide military benefit to the U.S. from his insight after five years within the Taliban environment.

When an American or immigrant volunteers to join our U.S. military and serve, especially in the time of war, this nation has the responsibility and the accountability to do everything possible to bring any soldier home. ­— West Central Tribune of Willmar