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‘Survey shows’ is a good trend in itself

Talk about your great news:

“Survey shows little progress on bullying,” the headline in Sunday’s Grand Forks Herald read.

Yep, go ahead and spread the word, because this trend is really worth celebrating.

OK, not the trend of “little progress on bullying”; that one’s not worth celebrating at all.

It’s the other phrase in the headline that represents good news.

That would be “Survey shows,” and it’s an upbeat development because it reflects an honest effort to actually figure out if a government program works.

At long last, federal and state officials are using sophisticated tools to measure which government programs are making a real difference, The New York Times recently reported.

It’s great to see North Dakota following that lead, even if the state’s efforts have a long way to go.

Minnesota should follow suit, subjecting its own anti-bullying program — which the Legislature strengthened this year — to rigorous evaluation.

Then both states should put their other programs under the microscope, too.

And each program’s future should depend on the evaluation’s results. ...

— Grand Forks Herald