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Kinbrae -- taking pride in a small city

It may be a city comprised of merely eight people, but it's a city nevertheless.

And it's staying that way, thanks to the wisdom of its residents.

The city of Kinbrae, according to a Kinbrae Herald newspaper article published on Sept. 20, 1894, once had a population of 150. That's downright metropolitan in size compared to today, but apparently there are still enough people in the community to fill offices mandated by the State of Minnesota.

So, even though no votes were cast to fill city posts during last November's election, a simple meeting of the city's citizens -- all eight of them -- cleared that little problem up. Too bad Franken-Coleman can't be solved like that.

Mayor Glen Grunewald told the Worthington Daily Globe for Monday's edition that residents "didn't realize that we were going to lose as much as we were going to" when considering the option of unincorporation earlier this year. The main thing residents were worried about was losing street lights, but we think there may have been another factor in the final decision to stay a city -- as Grunewald put it -- "as long as we can." And that's pride.

How many cities, after all, have populations fewer than eight people? If six offices -- mayor, city clerk, treasurer and three council members -- must be filled to comply with the state statute for incorporated cities, there certainly can't be many cities smaller than Kinbrae. Kinbrae residents may wish they had a few others living in town with them, but we see a title like "smallest city" as a tribute to the citizens' willingness to work together. And, last we checked, that makes any city a good place to call home. -- Worthington Daily Globe