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It's time for Minnesota GOP to give a little in budget fight

If the intention of Minnesota residents in electing a Republican Legislature and a Democratic governor was to ultimately take a balanced approach to the $5 billion budget deficit -- that is, not too heavy on either spending cuts or tax increases -- clearly, the leadership in the House and Senate didn't see it that way.

We believe it is time for the Republicans to give a little.

State polls suggest that Minnesotans want a budget in which both sides compromise. While state residents elected a Republican Legislature, they also elected Dayton, who throughout his campaign pledged to use a tax increase on the wealthiest Minnesotans to help solve the budget deficit.

Republicans have used statistics that say they are simply reducing the growth of state spending, and that a tax increase will be a "job killer." But not everyone, particularly the governor, agrees with that assessment. If wealthy residents, knowing the financial condition Minnesota is in, decide to leave the state or cut jobs because of a tax increase on their personal incomes, then they are simply doing it out of spite, and not economic realities.

Everyone talks about the need for compromise. Republicans need to step up and be willing to do so. -- Fergus Falls Daily Journal