Weather Forecast


Fall is fast approaching, but there's still time to fish

Even with the recent rains of the last week, water levels remain very low. Be cautious at the public accesses as they can be prop eaters with these conditions. Many lake home owners have recognized the conditions are similar to last year’s lake level conditions at this time and have started to remove boats, pontoons, lifts and docks because of the low water. Last year created many problems for those that procrastinated.

Even getting the boats off the lifts can be challenging when the water drops the way it has this last month. If you live on the lake and haven’t had the boat out in the last couple weeks, I suggest you check on it now and make some arrangements to get your stuff off the lake. There is still plenty of fishing and boating left for this fall, but it may be easier to launch and load every time now rather than fighting to get your boat off the lift. Some accesses are in better shape than others and some lake levels are in better shape than others.

Water temperatures are still very warm for this time of year and are still around 70 degrees. As it looks like we might finally start getting some fall weather this next week and temperatures will be cooler during the day and significantly cooler at night, water temperatures should start dropping. The shorter daylight and cooler weather will help fishing transition into the fall pattern that is typically started by now. I think everyone is ready for a break from all the hot weather and sun we have had this last several weeks.

I also like getting rid of the evening mosquito bite. Man, those little critters can sure wreck an evening and put a negative closure to a beautiful night on the lake.

At this time we still have about nine good weeks of open water fishing left in our area. October can be very good fishing, with beautiful fall weather, and gorgeous scenery on the lakes. I also enjoy the fact the lakes are left mostly to all of us locals to enjoy and aren’t as crowded with visitors.

Fall always seems to be such a busy time. Fall projects, fall sports, hunting, and school activities can take up most of our free time. Make a point to work fishing time into your busy fall schedule.

We still have a couple of full moon late night fishing opportunities left. The first will start at the end of next week, and the October full moon will be on the 18th. Those five day stretches can be an awesome time to be on the water after dark. Beautiful nights with cool comfortable temperatures, no bugs, and a chance to catch some nice nighttime walleyes. Over both full moon periods you will be able to take advantage of weekend moons so you won’t be so tired at work the next day. It’s always easy to make excuses not to go. “Too tired, too cold, too windy, too late, too busy”...blah, blah, blah! Push past the excuses and go, once you are out there you will be glad you went, and you are not as likely to make excuses for the future. We have a limited number of fall full moon open water fishing opportunities in our life, take advantage of as many of them as this life will allow! See some of you on the water, and some of you at night in the full moon on the water, I will be there getting my new boat baptized into the night fishing routine.

(Laabs runs Brad Laabs’ Guide Service in Detroit Lakes.)