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October is the time to plant, cover spring bulbs

According to the Becker County Master Gardeners, October is the time to plant spring-blooming bulbs outdoors this month. 

Water the soil well, then cover the area with three to four inches of mulch.  Continue to water weekly if rainfall is sparse. Bulbs that aren’t planted in time can be forced for indoor bloom this winter, but there’s no point in storing them to plant next year. They’ll never bloom normally.

Also, water all evergreens and young trees until the ground freezes.

Give creeping charlie (ground ivy) and dandelions one last shot of herbicide this fall.

Move garden chemicals to areas where they won’t freeze and out of the reach of children.

Empty and clean out outdoor containers of flowers or vegetables once the plants are no longer attractive. Outdoor freezing and thawing cycles can crack or break almost any type of pot. Add the soil to a compost pile or spread it around gardens.

Once they’re clean and dry, store containers in a protected place such as a basement or garage.  You’ll be happy to find them ready to plant next spring.