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BCSC holds winter meeting

President Brett Friesen presided over a spirited winter meeting of the Club, on Thursday, Dec. 6. More members than usual were in attendance, and participated in a lively discussion of the club's activities and future concerns.

The officers -- President Brett Friesen, Vice President Jeff Alberts, Secretary Perry Nodsle, and Treasurer Arland Wisted were all returned to their respective officerships, with Attorney Bruce Kunz of Pecham, being elected to a three year term as a director.

In as much as the club has a locked gate, we continue to have Wisted's Hardware Hank store, the Holiday Station, and the Lakes Sports Shop to be each a location where a member, after providing identification, and depositing a $20 retainer, can secure a gate key for his personal use of the ranges. The deposit fee is returned immediately when the key is returned to one of the aforementioned locations. The system seems to be working our very well.

The BCSC will host the September 2008 meeting of the Minnesota Conservation Federation, an affiliation of about thirty Minnesota rod and gun clubs. The BCSC is expected to show our very modern, NRA approved rifle, shotgun, and pistol ranges. A banquet at a local club will follow, with a program worked out with the conservation group, which is based at Saint Paul.

The club has once again been listed with a spring trap shoot, held on Memorial Weekend in late May. Perry Nodsle has traditionally been chairman, and ably conducts the club's major money generating activity.

The Minnesota State Patrol, along with sheriff's deputies, and Detroit Lakes police officers held their fall firearms qualifications at the club's range. Everything went well, but the officers stated a suggestion that our pistol range could be lengthened, extending the firing line well towards the road into the property. This will be considered at the next club meeting, which is scheculed for Thursday, Feb. 7, and again it will convene at the Legion Club rooms.