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Lake George opened to unlimited fishing

The Brainerd Area Fisheries Office of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announces that Lake George is experiencing a winterkill and is therefore being opened to unlimited fishing from March 1 through March 22, 2008. Lake George is located about four miles northwest of the City of Outing in Cass County. Snow and frigid temperatures are combining to make the lake susceptible to winterkill conditions prompting the DNR decision. Winterkill conditions are created when sunlight is unable to penetrate the ice and oxygen levels in the water drop. Fish are often unable to survive in these low oxygen conditions.

Under liberalized fishing regulations, a resident angling license is required, and anglers cannot take fish through the use of seines, hoop nets, fyke nets or explosives. However, fish can be taken in any amount by spear, gillnet or angling.