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Stay warm on the ice this winter

You'll enjoy your time on the ice and be more successful this winter if you dress appropriately.

Ice-fishing is a great activity, but some folks don't get involved because they don't like to get cold. You know what? I don't like to get cold either, but I really enjoy ice-fishing. With the developments in clothing of the past several years, there really is no reason to get cold when you're ice-fishing unless the temps get extreme. Even then, I've fished on plenty of days when it was double digits below zero and still stayed warm. Wind is what makes you get cold on days like that. If you think you'd like to try ice-fishing but don't because of the cold factor, here are some ideas.

Warmth starts next to your skin. Moisture makes you cold. You need under-garments next to your skin that wick away the sweat that you might get while walking to your fishing location or while drilling holes. Cotton underwear traps moisture, so don't wear cotton. MTP underwear that is exclusive to Cabela's is great stuff. It's lightweight, comfortable, and wicks moisture away from your body.

Next on is a hooded sweatshirt. I really like hoods because when you pull the hood up, cold air doesn't go down your back. Some folks prefer a flannel shirt, they work well also, I just prefer the hood.

Next is a vest. Some like a vest with some sort of insulating filler, others prefer a vest like Polartec. I like the Polartec because I prefer the feel of it, and it's also quiet.

On some days that's all you're going to need on the ice. When it's colder, or when the wind is blowing, you can't beat the Outfitters Fleece Windshear parkas that Cabela's makes. These are outstanding for warmth, but they also feel so good to wear. They're also very quiet: They don't make that "swishing" noise when you move. The Outfitters Fleece has become one of my favorite pieces of outdoor apparel: I look forward to cold weather so I can wear it.

I like to wear insulated GuideWear bibs over my jeans. GuideWear allows me to kneel down next to holes to land a fish. Any water that might be around the hole is kept off my jeans by the GuideWear. Additionally, insulated GuideWear is very warm and durable. GuideWear is my rainsuit in the spring and fall as well.

A warm pair of boots with the appropriate socks rounds out an ice-anglers needs. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to boots. I don't like the heaviest ones, as they just aren't necessary for my needs. However, cold feet will goof up a day faster than almost anything else. Visit Cabela's and check out all the boots they offer, then make your choice based on your personal preferences.

Pretty much all of the clothing listed above can be worn for everyday winter activities, so it's not like you're getting stuff just for ice-fishing. However, if you get the right clothing, you're going to find that your ice-fishing is a lot more fun, and that means you'll go more, and that's a good thing.

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