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Top ten fishing violations

The latest list of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources' (DNR) "Top Ten Fishing Violations" is a reminder to anglers to follow the rules and refer to the 2009 Minnesota Fishing Regulations handbook as the state's fishing season gets underway May 9.

Conservation officers issued 3,115 citations and 4,727 warnings to resident and non-resident anglers last year.

Topping the list of the most-frequent violation is not having a fishing license in possession. This violation resulted in conservation officers issuing 2,259 warnings or 240 citations last year.

Number two on the list is having no fishing license at all. Conservation officers issued 925 citations and 399 warnings last year.

Some other ranked categories that made the list of frequent fishing violations include:

• Improperly or not marked fish house

• Fishing with an extra line

• Overlimit

• Unattended line

• Exceed length limit

• Fish house left on ice after deadline

• Closed season

• Under length limit

An annual Minnesota resident fishing license costs $17; a non-resident license is $39.50.