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Annual Memorial Day trap shoot a great success

Visiting shooters from far and wide joined local trap shooters on the Becker County Sportsmen's Club range southeast of town. The time was the Memorial Day weekend. Saturday and Sunday were great days for the event.

Nine local shotgunners joined nearly a hundred visitors from the Fargo area and northwestern Minnesota.

The area spawns some very talented gun pointers who compete in many other matches. The shotguns aren't your usual hunting type. They're modified in the height of the comb and the stock in order to place the alignment squarely down the rib to the bead and extending to a speedy, elusive clay pigeon.

Stacy and Brett Friesen were competitors along with juveniles of their household Tony and Stacy. Perry Nodsle's kids, Calvin and Morgan, stepped up to the firing line as well. A full program of 16 yard single targets and handicap doubles targets. The lions share of the money was taken home by visiting gunmen.

Shooting results enter a computer of the Amateur Trap Shooting Association in Ohio, and handicap averages rate the gunners on past and present results. One competes against persons of equal abilities.

The break open shotgun has almost entirely replaced slide actions and semi-automatic shotguns in the trap game. They are adjusted to the owner's needs and cost a good deal of money. Once they produce the desired results, most owners won't part with their steel and wood treasures.

Along with a comfortable and efficient clubhouse to serve its needs for league and registered targets, the BCSC's trap range is fully modern, with a line of five automatic releases and voice activated stations. The days of needing trap boys or other human help in launching clay birds is gone, and reliable efficiency has taken their place. The result is a smooth running program that doesn't distract shooters from concentrating to their task at hand, namely crushing that clay target, and doing it time after time all day long. The Becker County Sportsmen are capably led by Brett Friesen and Perry Nodsle, real workhorses in staging the annual event. The club owes a great deal to these and former members, who accept the task of staging the Memorial week trap shoot annually.

Young Tony Friesen continues in his winning ways, taking home the money. This year, he advanced from sub-junior to junior status. He won big in the single target event, posting in impressive 99x100 in class AA. Tony also shot a 92x100 at the tough game of doubles targets. Calvin Nodsle, along with Morgan and Jona Nodsle, continue to shoot well and are scoring in the winners' circles regularly. Calvin was a victor in class C, while Jona and Morgan compete in the class D category. The poise and confidence which all of these young people show is commendable indeed. May they all continue winning.