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Fly into Detroit Lakes Library for of all your birding needs

Have you ever had the pleasure of seeing hummingbirds at play through the eyes of a two-year-old?

It's hard to know which to watch, the utter delight of the child or the antics of the beautiful birds! The whole amazing scene sets you on your heels.

This situation (and many like it) makes it obvious why so many people love to go birding. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service's National Survey on Recreation and Environment, and the 2004 update by the Forest Service, there are 85.2 million birders in the U.S.

This popularity grew out of the Victorian Era, when birding was a very popular pastime. Did you know that the term "bird" wasn't used as a verb until 1918? Many prefer using the term "birding" instead of "birdwatching," because they believe more senses are involved than sight.

Picture the above scene, and then add audio. Do you hear the hum of the little fellows' wings... the two-year-old did!

If you're having trouble identifying a feathered friend or just want to read about them, we can help here at the library. The following is just a small sampling of what your library has available for all your birding endeavors!

• Bird by Eyewitness DVD series. This DVD takes you soaring through the sky and around the world in an exciting journey from the bird's distant dinosaur past to its present astonishing variety. Take an up-close look at the staggering range of sizes, shapes, and habitats of these creatures.

• Birds of North America, edited by Francois Vuilleumier. This "armchair" reference to the birds of North America will bring a whole new level of expertise to the birder's library, all in one volume. Information on behavior, nesting, and habitat, omitted from many field guides, is included throughout, while books on behavior don't include the wealth of identification information, in as accessible a format, as does this book.

• The Armchair Birder; Discover the Secret Lives of Familiar Birds, by John Yow. Rather than bare facts and field marks, this book offers observations, anecdotes, and stories--not only Yow's own, but also those of America's classic bird writers, such as John James Audubon, Arthur Bent, and Edward Forbush, experts who saw it all and wrote with wit and passion.

With The Armchair Birder, backyard birders will take new delight in the birds at their feeders, while veteran check-listers will enjoy putting their feet up. All will applaud this unique addition to bird literature, one that combines the fascination of bird life with the pleasure of good reading.

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