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The CCBC Giant Jointed Pikie

Last time we talked about the ever common pikie, the standard lure that made the Creek Chub Bait Co. an icon in the American fishing lure industry. With this week's article I would like to discuss with you the largest fishing lure made by the Creek Chub Co., the giant jointed pikie.

At the time of its production, the giant jointed pikie was one of the largest fishing lures made. Today, even though the lure is still being manufactured, that's no longer true. With the explosion of interest in musky fishing, the giant jointed pikie is no longer unique. In addition, with the initial production of this new lure, larger boxes had to be made. Such larger paper boxes probably appeared in the mid 1930s.

Other examples of large lures requiring super sized boxes included super pikie, tarpon pikie (saltwater lure) and more. All paper boxes were used through the late 1950s. Creek Chub boxes with first plastic tops, then sliding plastic sleeves (both very fragile) became apparent around 1960. Most older and larger Creek Chub all paper boxes should fetch around $15 to $30 if in good condition. Boxes with plastic tops bring much less, $5 to $10 at most. Obviously, the largest all paper box was for the giant jointed pikie. Those boxes came in two standard colors, light green and dark green. The dark green box is the hardest to find. The light green box had red lettering. The dark green box came with silver letters, and sometimes no lettering at all.

Interestingly, the Creek Chub Company made this same lure and box for the Herter's Company of Waseca, Minn. (In later articles we will certainly talk about Herter's and their splendid line for sporting collectibles.) Dimensions of the giant jointed pikie box are listed in Harold Smith's book as 12½ inches long, 3 inches wide and 1½ inches high. However, in the same reference, Mr. Smith states the giant jointed pikie is 14½ inches long. You do the math. Based on those figures, the lure would not fit in the box. I measured one of my own giant jointed pikies and found from tip of metal bill to end of the wooden plug it was 12 inches long. My point is, even the experts can make a mistake.

The giant jointed pikie came in a multitude of colors. Some of the more desirable colors included tiger, rainbow trout, brown trout, golden shiner and steelhead. Such lures with their original box should bring you a minimum of $150 if in great shape. Keep in mind, it's very challenging to find one the above mentioned colors with its original box.

Giant jointed pikies were made of wood. I have seen these lures with glass eyes and painted tack eyes. Personally, I am partial to the taxidermy style glass eyes. Usually, glass eyes will bring you more money if selling. Standard color giant jointed pikies will ring $30 to $75 depending on condition. A lure in poor shape will be depreciated by 75 percent. Condition is what all serious collectors look for.