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April 18 first outing for canoe club

The river is open and ready to be enjoyed in kayaks and canoes.

The recent addition of the Otter Tail River as an official DNR water trail has provided a guide map and other information about the river.

A hard copy map of the trail guide with river history, information and pictures can be obtained from the City of Frazee office or contacting the DNR. Online it's at the DNR's site,


The Canoe Club can offer the opportunity to teach, guide and learn from other's experiences of traveling on the river and knowledge of the history of the river including use by Native Americans, early European explorers, the logging industry, dams and bridge construction.

The Otter Tail River is a peaceful, slow-moving river but also has occasional small rapids, increased flow rates due to culverts and minor rapids. It is a great beginner river for paddlers but also offers a few areas for those seeking a more adventurous path.

The first scheduled trip down the Otter Tail River is set for Sunday, April 18, weather permitting. Meet at the Event Center parking lot in Frazee at 3 p.m. before going together north of Frazee on Highway 29 past Four Corners to the Hwy 29 culvert and official start of the Otter Tail River Water Trail at river mile 157.2.

Canoe Rental is available but needs to be arranged in advance, and all levels from never been in a canoe to expert are welcome and encouraged. Those interested can contact Talitha or Jason Sannes-Venhuizen at 334-5092.