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Deer record book due by end of 2010

The Seventh Edition of the Minnesota Deer Classic(MN DC) Record Book is expected to be out by the end of 2010. The new record book will include all entries submitted since the MN DC began in 1983.

The record book has separate categories for firearms, bow and arrow, muzzleloader and non hunting (trophies found dead). Shed antler and matched set shed antler categories are also included. Both adult and youth (17 or younger) divisions further subdivide most categories.

The new record book will include stories of some of the top trophies entered since 1983, a listing of the top 100 typical and nontypical entries for whitetail deer, the top three division winners for each of the last four years and a county by county listing of entries so hunters can see how their trophies rank in the counties where they hunt.

The minimum scores for entry in the MN DC Classic Record Book are: whitetail deer (typical) firearms-140, archery-125, muzzleloader-130, whitetail deer(nontypical)firearms-165, archery-155, muzzleloader-160, black bear (all categories) 8, moose firearms-150, archery-135, muzzleloader-145, elk (all categories) -250, single shed antlers (typical) -60, nontypical-70, matched shed sets-typical-120, nontypical-140.

Hunters, who have trophy Minnesota whitetail deer, black bear, moose and elk, and wish to have them included in this new edition of the MN DC Record Book, need to have them officially measured by an official measurer.

The cut off date for the 7th edition of the MN DC Record Book is June 1, 2010. For more information contact Curt Kozitka, Official MN DC, Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young measurer at 218.847.6802.