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MN burning restrictions are lifted

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has announced that effective at noon on May 14, seasonal burning restrictions will be lifted in all counties and burning permits for vegetative matter will once again be available.

Heavy rains drenched northeastern Minnesota on Thursday, dramatically decreasing the threat of wildfires.

Likewise, the restrictions placed on campfires and fireworks in northeastern Minnesota are also lifted. Campfires may once again be enjoyed throughout the state, just in time for the fishing opener.

While the entire state now returns to normal fire restrictions, the DNR would like to remind everyone that burning permits are required anytime vegetation is burned during the snow free season. Permits are available through state and federal forestry offices, township fire wardens, and online for a $5 annual fee.

In addition, residents are reminded that municipalities may have stricter regulations regarding the burning of vegetation. Check with local authorities and obtain the proper permits prior to lighting a fire.

The DNR encourages everyone to be safe when burning. Have a source of water available, stay with the fire until it is dead out, and check the fire after you think it is out to make sure all embers have cooled.