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Deer River hunter gets two deer with one shot

Bob Schuder knew something didn't seem right. Deer hunting north of Grand Rapids on Sunday morning, Schuder took a shot at a doe about 90 yards away. The doe had come into a clearing from behind a brush pile, and it was accompanied by two fawns, said Schuder, of Deer River.

But when Schuder got down from his stand and went to inspect the deer he had killed, something didn't make sense.

"I walked over there and saw that it was a fawn," Schuder said. "I kind of questioned it. I was using a .30-06, and the bullet went in but didn't come out. That didn't make sense."

After field-dressing the deer, he stood up.

"I have no idea why, but I looked into the woods and saw a white spot that didn't look right," he said.

Upon inspection, he found that it was the doe he had been shooting at. Schuder's mystery was solved. His bullet had passed completely through the doe and had lodged in the fawn. The doe had run about 20 yards before dying.

Schuder had killed both deer with a single shot. His nephew was party hunting with him, so they had tags for both deer.

Shooting two deer with a single shot is uncommon, but it does happen occasionally. Last fall, Jim Boyd of Cloquet killed two does with one shot on opening day of Minnesota's firearms deer season.

(Sam Cook writes for the Duluth News Tribune, which is owned by Forum Communications Co.)