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Five area forkhorns attend Bluffton pheasant hunt field day

Five forkhorns attended Forkhorn Pheasant Hunt at Oak Point Game Farm near Bluffton on Saturday, Sept. 24, 2011, sponsored by the Smokey Hills MDHA Chapter.

They shot five rounds of clays at several shooting stations and harvested 12 out of 20 pheasants. Several adults with their labs also attended the hunt. At noon they enjoyed hotdogs on the grill along with chips, cookies and pop and drawing for door prizes of choice.

Also Smokey Hills sponsored 13 Forkhorns who attended Forkhorn Camp this past summer 2011. The camps included Deep Portage at Hackensack, Long Lake Conservation Center at Palisade, and Prairie Wood Environmental Learning Center at Spicer.

Forkhorn I is ages 11-15, Forkhorn II ages 12-16 and Forkhorn III ages 14-17.

Forkhorn Camps are designed for beginning hunters and provide extensive hands-on instruction of basic firearms safety, shooting techniques in rifle, shotgun, blackpowder and archery. They also provide hunting tips for both big and small game. This includes Firearms Safety Certification Education, Beginning Rifle, Archery and Shotgun, Wildlife Management, Whitetail Deer Ecology, Outdoor Survival Skills, Map and Compass Orienteering, Deer Hunting Techniques, Safe Shooting Scenarios, Marksmanship Training, Tree Stand Safety, Hunter Ethics and Responsibilities and much more.

Forkhorn Camps operate various weeks June through July.