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Jason Mitchell Outdoors films segment in area

Tony Mariotti of Detroit Lakes along with Jason Mitchell, host of the outdoor program Jason Mitchell Outdoors with a nice Detroit Lakes area largemouth bass caught while filming a television segment. The anglers caught several big bass by casting Jaw Breaker Spoons into a foot of water around thick stands of reeds and lily pads. Submitted Photo

Jason Mitchell recently filmed a large mouth bass fishing segment for his television show, Jason Mitchell Outdoors near Detroit Lakes. Mitchell fished with local angler, Tony Mariotti of Detroit Lakes.

Despite the high water temperatures, the bass were caught in extremely shallow water amongst submerged pencil reeds and lilly pads. The anglers pitched weedless Jaw Breaker Spoons manufactured by Northland Tackle out of Bemidji to catch several respectable bass.

According to Mitchell, both Ottertail and Becker counties offer some tremendous bass fishing opportunities, and he considers this area to be one of his top picks for catching nice largemouth bass in Minnesota.

"There are so many lakes in this region that produce really big bass and you just do not see a lot of boats targeting bass so we love it here," explains Mitchell.

Mitchell took over the television production of the late Tony Dean over four years ago. Upcoming segments will air in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Kansas, Missouri, Indiana and Illinois. Jason Mitchell Outdoors has had one of the highest raw Nielsen ratings for outdoor programming on Fox Sports North and reaches over twelve million households. The show currently airs on Fox Sports North and Fox Sports Midwest on Sunday mornings at 9 a.m. The show recently filmed will air this upcoming winter and spring of 2013.