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Fall comes early to Maplewood State Park

There is a sense of anticipation at this time of year in the forests and prairies all across Minnesota, especially at Maplewood State Park in Pelican Rapids. Each autumn, thousands of visitors tour the park to take in the spectacular colors offered by the diversity of its hardwood tree species, especially sugar maples, and its prairie grasses.

"This year the fall colors are bursting out earlier than usual," said Don Del Greco, Maplewood State Park manager. "The exceptionally warm and dry late summer will likely push the fall color season ahead one to two weeks."

At this time of year, the vibrant and lush greens of summer forests and prairies transform to the colorful and splendid palette of the reds, yellows and oranges of autumn.

"The fall color season is well underway with trees turning quickly, and there are some particularly vibrant reds and scarlet maple leaf colors this year," said Del Greco. "The best overall color is expected during the last two weeks of September."

The Friends of Maplewood State Park celebrate the autumn season each year with "Leaf Days" on the last weekend of September and the first weekend of October.

For more information what there is to see and do at Maplewood State Park, call 218-863-8383 or visit DNR website and take a virtual tour.