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DNR, Roseau County to hold joint land sale

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Roseau County will be holding the first Northwest Region joint land sale on Nov. 9, at the Roseau County Courthouse located at 606 5th Ave. SW in Roseau. Bidder registration will begin at 12:30 p.m.

The joint sale is part of a collaborative effort between Roseau County and the DNR that began in 2009. The DNR initiated discussions on land parcels with the goal of identifying potential land exchanges, sales and acquisitions of state-owned lands and lands owned by Roseau County.

"The DNR's objective is to make strategic land acquisition decisions and determine where an exchange, sale or purchase is appropriate and in the best interest of the public and the state's natural resources," said Lori Dowling, DNR Northwest Region director.

The sale is being held within the county to maximize efficiency of selling state-owned property, where the land exists, in conjunction with selling county-owned property.

Both sales will occur during the regular rifle deer season so out of town hunters and local residents have the opportunity to bid on the parcels.

"This sale is an excellent example of how the state, counties and the public can mutually benefit through partnerships that aim to address land consolidation and ownership issues," said Tom Landwehr, DNR commissioner. "Our work with Roseau County over the past few years has deepened our understanding of what the counties need with regards to land asset management and we believe we can do more together than apart."

Both the county and the DNR are committed to continued discussions about the lands they each manage and the opportunities for lands to be exchanged, sold or acquired that will benefit both parties. The DNR will fulfill its commitment to practice precision conservation. The agency will continue to acquire and hold lands that address the strategic needs for natural resource management.

"There is a spirit of cooperation between the DNR and Roseau County that hasn't necessarily existed in recent years," said Jack Swanson, Roseau County commissioner.

Swanson added that the county and the DNR are excited about this sale and hope that public interest is high and all properties are sold.

The auction of state-owned lands will begin at 1 p.m., followed by the county lands at 2 p.m. The state lands for sale include eight parcels in Roseau County totaling 328 acres. Seven of the eight parcels are State Trust Land and the proceeds will go to the School Trust Fund.

Two additional properties, one in Beltrami County and one in Hubbard County, will also be sold at this auction. County lands to be auctioned include 11 parcels of which eight are in city limits and three are in Lake Township.

More information on the state lands for sale is available online at For more information on Roseau County lands for sale, contact Martha Monsrud, Roseau County auditor, 606 5th Ave. SW, Room 160, Roseau, MN 56751; phone 218-463-1282, or email