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Tips for getting ready for spring planting

It’s March and now is the time to order seeds now to start indoors under florescent lights later this month or start new houseplants from tip shoot slips for new houseplants or to add to early next.

Check seed packets to see how many weeks ahead of transplanting they must be started.

Cut slender branches of pussy willow, Nanking cherry or red maple late this month or early next to force into bloom indoors.

Re-cut the stems and soak them in a warm (not hot) water bath overnight, then in a bucket of warm water in a 60 to 65 degree location with indirect light.

Move them to brighter light as flower buds open.

Repot houseplants before spring growth starts and you are busy outside.

Prune! This is your last chance to prune trees, summer blooming shrubs, fruit trees and roses.

If your oak trees need trimming, have it done by the end of the month, to help prevent the spread of oak wilt disease. — Becker County Master Gardeners