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Even with late start, June gardens will flourish

According to the Becker County Master Gardeners, June is the time to

  • Don’t worry if you’ve gotten a late start on your garden this year.  Garden centers are still full of healthy, well-developed perennials and annuals — even vegetables — ready to transplant. With warmer air and soil temperatures, they should take right off and continue to grow well the rest of the season.
  • Water early in the morning, this allows plant foliage to dry out before cool evenings which may inhibit mildew.
  • Do daily and weekly checks for insect and disease problems to control early.
  • Raise cutting height of lawn mower to 3 inches.  Mowing too short allows sun to damage grass crowns and dries roots more rapidly.
  • Check outdoor containers and hanging baskets regularly to make sure the soil is moist.  You’ll have to water daily or even more often in hot, dry weather. Frequent watering leaches fertilizer and nutrients through the soil, so plan to fertilize with water-soluble plant food every two weeks.
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