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Rainy River for monster sturgeon

I was back up to fish the Rainy River again last week and the results were the same as they had been the previous week -- awesome! The fishing was so good I thought it was yesterday. The reports from others were the same. If you didn't get up there to enjoy the bite this spring, I would recommend that you add it to your fishing "bucket list."

The walleye season is closed now at the Rainy, but Sturgeon fishing is available to anglers now. Many have already been enjoying the catch and release of the prehistoric looking brutes. A large number of 40 to 60 inch fish have been getting caught. They are strong fighters and a great experience for any angler that enjoys a tight line.

The most common strategy is to anchor on the channel edge or the up river side of a deep hole. You pitch a bottom rig with a short leader, large hook, and a wad of five to six night crawlers on a heavy action rod and wait for them to smell your offering. When they bite, it is "game on."

Additional early season walleye action is available in our neighboring states, Mississippi River, and Big Stone Lake.

Locally, we have a crappie and sunfish bite getting into full swing, and that action will just continue to get better over the next three weeks. Crappies are being caught on small jigs/minnow or jigs/hooks under bobbers. Sunfish love the small leeches or pieces of night crawler on small jig or plain hooks fished under a bobber. A quality bait shop in our area will already have leeches and night crawlers available to anglers now.

This next week will continue to improve the fishing as the water continues to warm. Most of our area lakes are 50 degrees at this time. We didn't get water temps to 50 degrees last year until the middle of May. The smaller lakes or bays on the bigger lakes warm faster and will produce for you before some of our larger main lake fishing spots. This is a great time to get kids out and introduce them to the wonderful world of fishing.