Weather Forecast


Fall is here early, so are the big fish

As we get to September we historically start a trend of weather that leads us into our fall season.

The daylight hours get shorter, we have cooler

evening temperatures, and our daytime highs are very comfortable. This is

also the time of year we start to experience strong cold fronts. Based on

the last few days and our forecast for the next week, "Mother Nature" flipped the switch on us to fall already.

It seems we have had little to no transition time from summer to fall. Lake temperatures have dropped dramatically in the last week and will drop significantly during the next week. September can be a struggle for consistency when it comes to fishing.

With cold front after cold front, dropping water temps and shorter daylight hours you can be a "hero" on the water one day and a "nobody" the next.

As fish adjust to the fall transition, weather will stabilize, and we will get

into a fall pattern that becomes some of the better fishing of the open

water season. If you have the luxury of picking your times to fish, you may want to focus on the second or third day of stable weather.

Most just get to fish when you have the opportunity, especially when fall gets so busy with last minute projects, winter preparation, hunting seasons, football, and school

related activities. Fall is known to produce some big fish. Most veteran

fall anglers will start using bigger baits as well due to the fact that all

the summer hatches of baitfish are reaching maturity. Minnows become the preferred bait in most situations.

In our area, leeches get to be hard to come by now. Some lakes, especially Mille Lacs, will continue to be a leech bite lake right up until ice. Many experienced fall anglers will claim it is the time when fish "put the feedbag on" to get ready for the winter. I don't know if that is true, but it sure seems that it has some merit.

I believe fish eat on a regular basis all year long, some days they are more neutral to negative with their feeding attitude. This seems to be more

related to weather than anything else.

It is a beautiful time of year to get on the water so make sure you get some trips planned into your schedule for this fall fishing season.