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DNR CO is a life saver

Training, determination, and the right equipment helped a conservation officer with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources save the life of a man who fell through the ice on a central Minnesota lake.

Acting Lt. Tony Musatov of Sauk Rapids responded to Little Rock Lake near Rice, Minn., on Friday, Nov. 15, after a report of an ice angler breaking through the ice.

On arrival, Musatov asked two volunteer firefighters to assist him in pushing a small boat out across the ice. The ice was too thick near shore to break through so the group pushed the boat across the ice until they were able to break through.

Musatov broke through the ice as well but was able to make his way into the boat and continue to the victim.

Progress was very slow due to ice. When the rescuers were about 35 yards away, the angler, Joshua Johnson, 30, of Sartell, went under water and never resurfaced.

Musatov and the others continued to break ice until they reached the area where Johnson was last seen. Musatov threw a grappling hook and eventually hooked the leg of the victim. CPR was started and Johnson was rushed to the hospital.