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Oktober Fest

SUBMITTED PHOTOS The Frazee Event Center will be alive and dance-ready on Oct. 4 in honor of Oktober Fest. There will be music and German food.

If you can't make it to Munich for this fall's Oktoberfest, be sure to attend Frazee's version in the Frazee Event Center on Sunday, October 4.

From noon to 8, the Country Polkateers -- a staple at every festival since the first back in '96 -- and the Leon Olsen Band will play at one-hour intervals, giving Moorhead State's Heritage Dancers a reason to get moving.

Your $10 admission not only buys access to festive décor and fantastic music, but scrumptious German-style food. This year's meal will include brats, German potato salad, kuchen, kraut, and cabbage rolls.

Oktoberfest's hosts, clad in traditional German attire, welcome you to come enjoy the festival. Whether or not it expresses your heritage, it's certain to be a cultural experience you won't see the likes of this side of the Prime Meridian.