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‘SwimPoolooza’ set July 24 in DL

Aquatics enthusiasts, unite! To support and celebrate pool-related programs in the area, the Detroit Lakes Community and Cultural Center is hosting the first ever “SwimPoolooza” on Wednesday, July 24.

“We wanted to do a day-long swimming pool something, whether a party or an event,” said Kim Bettcher, director of aquatic and fitness programming for the DLCCC.

“With expanding aquatics programs, we wanted to hold a celebration of the pool area, and do it in a way that acknowledges the diverse groups that come to our pool,” she added.

The range of users of the pool space encompasses everyone from those taking private lessons to participants in parent/child lessons with very young children, and people using the pool who are almost 100 years old, in addition to the fitness classes, lap swimmers, and divers.

The Detroit Lakes High School girls and boys swimming and diving teams, DLCCC water fitness classes, and Masters swimming group are collaborating to raise funds. Participants in swimming lessons will also be notified about the event, and Bettcher noted that it isn’t necessary to be involved in any of the aquatics programs to contribute.

Onsite staff will serve as coordinators during the day. Water fitness class instructors and swimming coaches will spread the word and information among their students and athletes.

“There are some needs and wants in the pool area,” Bettcher said.

Swimmers are currently seeking pledges and donations for the event. From 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. on July 24, “our goal is to have at least one lane of people swimming fundraiser laps,” she said.

Donors can pledge for the entire event, or for each length a swimmer plans to complete within an hour.

Bettcher cites a benefit of the SwimPoolooza as the ability to share a wish list between the groups. “For example, mono-snorkels — it’s cheaper to buy twelve than to buy two groups of six,” Bettcher said of efficiently covering the needs of each organization.

Funds will be used to enhance a variety of pool aspects. Items such as kicking fins, pull buoys, water dumbbells, an enhanced sound system, and pool furniture will be targeted, as well as upgraded deck flooring in the pool space.

Carol McCarthy, high school swimming coach, came up with the name “SwimPoolooza,” which was designed to reflect the diverse uses of the pool space. “It’s not just a lap swimming event or water fitness event, it’s more than that,” Bettcher said.

Those wishing to participate or contribute to the “SwimPoolooza” should contact Bettcher at the DLCCC at 218-844-4224 (extension 108), or through e-mail at