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Swimming and Diving: Performances better than score

Emma Disse eyes the pool and concentrates on her landing during the Lakers’ meet against Perham Thursday inside the BTD Aquatics Center. BRIAN BASHAM/DL NEWSPAPERS

The final score doesn’t always tell the entire story, as was the case in Bemidji’s 185-126 win over the Detroit Lakes girls’ swimming and diving team Tuesday.

Despite the score, the Laker swimmers and divers accomplished much more, with time drops and elevated individual scores.

“The final score of the meet makes a good headline for the winning team, but it doesn’t really reflect all the goals accomplished by the swimmers and divers,” said DL head coach Carol McCarthy. “The Bemidji meet proved to be a good meet for most of the Laker swimmers to switch up events and work toward qualifying for the section meet and also complete their goals of gaining ‘Ironwoman’ status (the distinction of swimming every individual event).”

Three more swimmers posted section-qualifying times, with only a couple more chances for the girls to qualify in events to swim at sections.

All of the DL divers have qualified and following Tuesday’s meet, 14 of the 21 swimmers are qualified in one or more event.

One of the most exciting races of the night was that of the Livermore sisters, Grace and Clara, who went head to head in the 100-breaststroke.

Grace, the elder, had a little faster time going into the race, and was a half stroke ahead throughout Tuesday’s race, but Clara had an incredible surge of speed in the last 10 yards of the race and out-touched her older sister, beating her by eight hundredths of a second. 

“The competition between the two in the event may not be over quite yet; Grace still has the fastest posted time on the team this year,” McCarthy said.

The 200 medley relay team of both Livermores, Maddy Schiller and Syd Gulon kicked off the meet with a win at 2:07.17.

The Lakers took second through fifth in diving, led by Kyley Foster’s 205.90 in second and followed by Emma Disse, Lexy Yliniemi and Cara Okeson.

Bemidji at Detroit Lakes, Tuesday, Oct. 8

Lumberjacks 185, Lakers 126

DL event results200-yard medley relay: 1. DL A (Grace Livermore, Clara Livermore, Maddy Schiller, Syd Gulon) 2:07.17; 3. DL B (Josie Retz, Peach Arens, McKenna Krengel, Alyssa Anderson) 2:20.37…200 freestyle: 5. Abbi Smith 2:24.73; 6. Anderson 2:29.84; 7. Retz 2:34.88; 8. Sam Hanson 2:35.11…200 individual medley: 1. G. Livermore 2:29.95; 4. Arens 2:49.52; 6. Anna Schumacher 2:53.21; 7. McKenna Krengel 2:56.90; 8. Baehlee Ruchti 3:32.22…50 freestyle: 2. Syd Gulon 27.33; 4. Jocelyn Skoda 28.70; 6. Maddy Schiller 28.94; 8. Maddie Henderson 31.27…Diving: 2. Kyley Foster 205.90; 3. Emma Disse 192.65; 4. Lexy Yliniemi 160.25; 5. Cara Okeson 144.05…100 butterfly: 3. Anderson 1:17.58; 4. Ella Henderson 1:27.62; 5. Addi young 1:31.58…100 freestyle: 5. C. Livermore 1:03.07; 6. Schiller 1:04.13; 9. Hanson 1:10.28…500 freestyle: 2. Gulon 5:45.44; 5. Smith 6:39.95; 6. Krengel 6:42.49…200 freestyle relay: 3. DL A (Gulon, Schiller, C. Livermore, G. Livermore) 1:51.55; 4. DL B (Skoda, Anderson, Foster, Smith) 1:59.99; 5. DL C (Berit Ramstad-Skoyles, Hanson, Arens, E. Henderson) 2:07.15…100 backstroke: 3. Retz 1:17.88; 5. Skoda 1:19.00; 7. M. Henderson 1:21.44; 8. Ruchti 1:37.41…100 breaststroke: 1. C. Livermore 1:16.98; 2. G. Livermore 1:17.06; 4. Arens 1:23.80; 8. Young 1:27.85…400 freestyle relay: 4. DL A (Smith, Hanson, Krengel, Skoda) 4:40.47; 6. DL B (Retz, Ruchti, Young, M. Henderson) 5:03.63; 7. DL C (Foster, Bethany Friendshuh, Disse, Schumacher) 5:10.58.