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Frazee, DL schools approve gymnastics co-op contract

The Frazee-Vergas School Board has signed a contact with the Detroit Lakes School for co-oping gymnastics services.

Two months ago, the school board agreed to co-op with Detroit Lakes, much to the dismay of several gymnastics parents.

In the agreement approved Monday night, the reasons for the cooperation were spelled out:

  • Consistent lack of numbers to continue the support of the stand-alone Frazee-Vergas program.
  • Lack of gym space in Frazee-Vergas.
  • And finally, the district would like participants to continue to have the opportunity to compete in a gymnastics program.

Under the agreement, expenses for transportation to Detroit Lakes will be Frazee’s responsibility. Travel to away matches, however, will be a shared cost.

Any shared costs — transportation, judges, supplies and equipment and coaches — will be divided by percentage of team members from each district.

Detroit Lakes will also continue to cover the expense of the facilities of the host school, including maintenance of practice and competitive facilities, and expenses for scouting, coaches’ meetings and workshops.

Costs for banquets and awards will come from the team activity account.

The present Detroit Lakes coaches will remain the team staff, and the Detroit Lakes district will take care of any future hiring.

The contract is good for the 2013-14 and 2014-15 school years.

The Detroit Lakes district approved the contract at its board meeting Monday night as well.

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