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DL goes 1-1 in home tourney

Connor McLeod watches his double hit the right field wall during Saturday's game at Washington Ballpark. DL NEWSPAPERS/Brian Basham

Pelican Rapids ran away with the Detroit Lakes tournament championship Sunday with a 7-3 win over Dent.

The Detroit Lakes Angels lost to the Lakers in the first round 7-4, while Dent rambled over Jamestown 4-3.

But the Angels (9-3) got back on track Saturday with an 18-0 win over Montrose, with Chris Gilson pitching for the scoreless win. Buhr added three hits in the victory, while each of Connor and Kirk McLeod had two, along with Gilson.

The Angels won 7-5 over the Jamestown Elks, with Brock Johnson pitching four scoreless innings, while Connor McLeod picked up the win in relief of Bryan Buhr. Gilson and Phil Kirchner had two hits apiece. The Jamestown Mer-chants took third over Staples in the third-place game.

The Angels will host Fergus Falls Friday at 7:30 p.m. at Washington Ballpark.

Detroit Lakes Tournament, Friday-Sunday, June 6-8

First round games

Pelican 7 - Detroit Lakes 4

Jamestown Merchants 10 - Montross waverly 0

Dent 4 - Jamestown Elks 3

Staples 4 - Ada 2

2nd Round games

Jamestown Elks 15 - Ada 8

Detroit Lakes 18 - Montross Waverly 0

Dent 6 - Staples 4

Pelican Rapids 5 - Jamestown Merchants 0


Pelican Rapids 7 - Dent 3