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Anderson passes on goodwill for golf

LPGA golfer Amy Anderson speaks with Perham youth golfers about the sport and what has driven her as a professional golfer. FORUM NEWS SERVICE/Bob Williams

PGA professional and NDSU record holder Amy Anderson spent the afternoon at Lakeside Golf Club in Perham Friday as part of the 30th annual Tuffy Nelson Classic tournament.

Anderson is sponsored by KLN Family Brands of Perham and made a stop at the tournament to compliment the generosity of the Nelson family and provide a clinic for junior golfers during her visit.

“It’s always good to give back and it’s great to see people get into golf,” said Anderson. “Golf is really a way to connect with others. You make so many friendships, so anybody who is thinking about getting into golf, there is so much of a benefit for yourself beyond the enjoyment of the game.”

Contributing to growing the sport, especially among young women, is part of the draw for Anderson in providing instruction to golfers of a young age, which was something that was missing during her game development.

“When I grew up there wasn’t a lot of stuff available. I definitely had a couple girls at my club that I looked up to and spent a lot of time with them and learned a lot. As far as the clinics, and junior golf camps just for girls now — they didn’t have that when I was younger. So, it’s good to see a lot of those programs starting.”

As a rookie on the LPGA tour, Anderson has seen success with a top 10 finish in April at the LPGA LOTTE Championship in Hawaii, along with playing in 13 tournaments this season, including the British Open three weeks ago.

“Everybody has been incredible out there, so welcoming and helpful, which in a way, surprised me. I didn’t know what to expect,” Anderson said.

“I’ve had a couple veterans take me under their wing and that’s always helpful because it’s such a learning curve right away.

“Even just little things… who do you talk to? Where’s the locker room? Who can we bring into the dining room to eat with us? There’s a lot of little questions and to have people you can go to who are willing to help and make you feel like you’re not a nuisance really helps make you feel comfortable.”

Comfort and family values were what brought KLN Family Brands and Anderson together.

Anderson is under a two-year sponsorship from KLN from a meeting on Christmas Eve orchestrated by Perham Golf Professional Nick Anderson, Amy’s family and the Nelson’s.

The meeting was a get-together among friends and family and not about business.

“We have the same values,” Anderson said.

“Family is obviously important to them and it’s a huge thing to me. It was good to have somebody to be on the same page with.”

The KLN sponsorship, while not imperative to a rookie on the tour, is certainly welcome and helpful.

“It’s incredible,” she said. “The whole company has been 100 percent behind me, which means a lot. I have a lot of support, but to have somebody even just write a check and say, ‘We want to help you,’ is so helpful.”

Anderson heads back on the tour with a four-week stint beginning in Michigan next week at the Meijer LPGA Classic chasing the biggest names in women’s golf and looking for another top 10 and to catch some of those names.

“The thing with golf is it can be so different from day to day,” she said.

National coverage of the Meijer Classic will be broadcast evenings on the Golf Channel from Thursday Aug. 7 through the final round Sunday, Aug. 10.

Robert Williams

Sports Editor at the Detroit Lakes Tribune. Williams worked prior as the Sports Editor in Perham for the Focus, a Forum Communications newspaper, from 2010-14. 

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