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Holt battles to a draw in Canada

It wasn't the same result, but it was close.

Detroit Lakes' Chris Holt had a majority draw decision in his professional boxing fight against Winnipeg's John McLean Saturday, May 31, in a light-heavyweight bout.

The last time the duo fought, Holt pounded McLean to win by knockout in the second round, in the Canadian's pro debut.

But in the second bout, the two battled through a six-round slugfest, with Holt winning the first two rounds, along with round four and six. McLean took the remainder rounds.

"To me, I won four of the six rounds," Holt said. "But getting a draw in Winnipeg against a Canadian fighter, is like a win."

McLean has been in 28 fights since his loss to Holt three years ago, so the experience did show in the ring in round two.

"He obviously has been training and gained more experience," Holt said. "I started out hitting him so hard in the head and body, that I think I tired myself out in the first two rounds."

The Winnipeg Sun dubbed the bout between Holt and McLean as the "best fight on the undercard."

The article said, "...the fighters proceeded to pound, smash, bruise and batter one another for six rounds."

"It was a crowd pleaser," Holt said.

"We are looking to fight again in the future."

This was Holt's seventh light-heavyweight fight and he is 4-2-1 with three knockouts in those fights.

"I'm going to stay around the super-middleweight and light-heavyweight (divisions)," Holt added.

The DL boxer will now take the summer off and look to resume his professional boxing career sometime in the fall.