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Heavy Laker influence in 2008 Minnesota H.S. All-Star Football game

The Minnesota High School All-Star Football game has been a top-notch event to display some of the state's top senior players.

NFL players such as Marion Barber III, Trevor Laws, Thomas Tapeh and Todd Bouman have played in the prestigious game.

Some standout D-I college players have also graced the rosters of the game, including Ohio State star linebacker James Laurinaitis and current University of Minnesota Golden Gopher's QB Adam Weber and WR Erik Decker.

Detroit Lakes players have also made their mark on the all-star stage, as quarterback Reed Manke earned Outstate MVP honors in 2002 and Brent Eidenschink doing the same in 2006 as a linebacker.

Every year, the game has had an outgoing senior make a name for himself on the next level.

This year should be no different as the Outstate team will meet up with the Metro squad in the 35th edition of the All-Star Classic Saturday at 7 p.m. inside the St. Cloud State University Husky Stadium.

The Outstate team currently holds a 15-13 edge on the Metro All-Stars and there will be some big Detroit Lakes' influence going for win 16.

DL head coach Flint Motschenbacher will be the head coach for the Outstate squad, while a pair of Lakers will be suiting up, as well, in wide receiver Adam Thielen and outside linebacker Josh Herzog -- who was added as the first alternate after a player from Foley had to withdraw due to injury.

"It's going to be a great time," Motschenbacher said. "It's also good to have Adam and Josh in it, because it's a good reward for them after all their hard work over the years."

Motschenbacher has some experience coaching in the All-Star when he was an assistant coach under then-DL head coach Rick Manke, who headed the Outstate squad in 1996.

That year, the Outstate team won 10-8 after a defensive stand when Hill-Murray running back Andy Persby was stopped on fourth and four inside the Outstate 10-yard line.

"That was probably the most enjoyable experience I've had as a coach," Motschenbacher said of helping coach in the All-Star game.

Work started today (Sunday) for Motschenbacher and his coaching staff, which includes Gregg Martig of St. Cloud Tech, Mark Woitalla of Northfield, Dave Louzek of Moose Lake/Willow River, David Krenik of Cleveland and David Style of Glencoe-Silver Lake, while Dean Taylor of Sartell will be the honorary coach.

Sunday the Outstate team will have its first practice, then go to two-a-days for the rest of the week leading up to the game Saturday.

They will be practicing at St. Peter during the week, with practices starting at 7 a.m. and the second one beginning at 6:30 p.m.

"We've been working hard getting our offensive and defensive coordination down," Motschenbacher added. "But these players are football knowledgeable, so it won't be too hard to put in an offense or defense."

The defense during the game will be only be able to run out of one formation, with no blitzing.

The offense will be able to run out of four offensive formations, with not a lot of motion.

"But there have been some good defensive battles, so it's not all geared towards the offense," the DL coach said. "The big thing is how you match up physically. Speed is very important and this (Outstate) team has a lot of speed."

There will be some conditioning, but mostly, the coaches' jobs are to line the players up in the correct formations and "let them play."

This will be the 29th year the Metro will face the Outstate, with the other years being played between the North and South, up to 1980.

The 2008 All-Star Game will include 14 players from the 2007 Associated Press All-State First Team and 15 from the All-State Second Team.

Some marquee names include U of M recruits Ryan Grant of Eden Prairie. Gopher recruit Sam Maresh of Champlin Park was also slated to play, but his unfortunate illness will prevent him from playing.

There are 73 different schools and 33 different conferences represented in the game.

The Metro head coach is Dave Ziebarth of St. Thomas Academy, along with Motschenbacher, the two coaches' boast a combined all-time record of 122-44.

All-Star scores

All-time Minnesota High School All-Star Football scores.

Series -- Outstate 15, Metro 13

2007: Outstate 27, Metro 14

2006: Metro 34, Outstate 9

2005: Outstate 39, Metro 25

2004: Metro 26, Outstate 13

2003: Outstate 34, Metro 13

2002: Outstate 26, Metro 6

2001: Metro 26, Outstate 23

2000: Outstate 28, Metro 21

1999: Outstate 17, Metro 13

1998: Metro 24, Outstate 14

1997: Metro 27, Outstate 26

1996: Outstate 10, Metro 8

1995: Metro 7, Outstate 0

1994: Outstate 30, Metro 7

1993: Outstate 7, Metro 6

1992: Metro 20, Outstaet 19

1991: Outstate 17, Metro 12

1990: Metro 20, Outstate 8

1989: Outstate 31, Metro 14

1988: Outstate 8, Metro 6

1987: Metro 47, Outstate 0

1986: Outstate 21, Metro 20

1985: Outstae 42, Metro 7

1984: Metro 14, Outstate 9

1983: Metro 47, Outstate 5

1982: Metro 24, Outstate 12

1981: Outstate 30, Metro 13

1980: Metro 15, Outstate 7

1979: South 26, North 7

1978: South 21, North 16

1977: South 12, North 7

1976: South 25, North 6

1975: North 13, South 7

1974: North 30, South 0

1961-1973: No games played

1961: Game cancelled

1960: South 12, North 0

1959: South 18, North 7

1958: South 31, North 0

1957: North 6, South 6 (tie)

1956: North 24, South 0

1955: South 20, North 13

1954: North 20, South 19

1953: North 13, South 7

1952: North 14, South 6

1947-1951: No games played.

1946: North 20, South 3

1945: North 44, South 7.