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Hole in One Club

Mark Ericksen of Detroit Lakes made a hole in one on the Detroit Country Club's No. 8, Aug. 3.

Witnesses were Marilyn and Peter Ericksen.

Lakeview Ladies' Golf League results

Taking top honors for the Lakeview Women's Golf League poker round, held on Aug. 5, were Madelyn Sukke, Shelva Swanson, Bernie Adams, Jackie Hoban, Ethel Nelson and Karen Hagen.

Closest to the pin was Jackie Hoban. Jill Cleveland had the longest putt. Lisa Larson, Rhonda Fode and Vivian Wensel had birdies and Mary Seaworth had a chip-in.

All women are invited to play each Tuesday evening at 5:45 p.m. at the Lakeview Course. Please call 847-8942 to pre-register.

Tuesday evening, Aug. 12, was a beautiful evening for the Lakeview Women's Golf League.

Taking top honors in the High/Low Best Ball Tournament were Monica Thunstrom, Marlene Hanson and Sharon Sorenson, with a score of 86.

Second place was Mary Sauer, Mary Seaworth and Joan Westlake with 88.

The third spot went to Mary Morton, Ginny Imholte, Jane Ludlow and Marilyn Hartman with 93.

Sue DeBois had the drive closest to the pin, Marilyn Hartman had the longest putt, Mary Sauer had a birdie, and Kristi McKenzie had a birdie and a chip-in.

Next Tuesday evening, is the Fun Night/Banquet. All ladies are encouraged to attend. Please call 847-8942 to pre-register.