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High school football Class 1A semifinals: Lake Park-Audubon vs. Royalton

LP-A receiver Zach Downs (86) makes a move after a catch early in the first half Friday.1 / 2
Royalton's Austin Kloss (56) puts a hit on Lake Park-Audubon's Jake Lunde (20) as Lunde tries for some extra yards after a late second quarter catch. Royalton recovered the fumble.2 / 2

The Ada-Borup vs. Houston game is over, with Houston winning 56-14. The LP-A vs. Royalton game will start in 15 minutes...right on time.

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Just set up shop in the Viking Press Box inside the Metrodome.

The first game, the Nine-Man state semifinals is favoring Houston over Ada-Borup 42-8, as they just headed into the third quarter. If Houston extends their lead to over 40 points, it will be running time through the fourth quarter, meaning the Lake Park-Audubon vs. Royalton Class 1A semifinal game will start early. All games start 15 minutes after the last game, so it may look as if the 10:15 a.m. start maybe bumped up a little.

There is already a good contingent of LP-A fans meandering inside the Dome, so a good turnout is guaranteed.

The Raiders will meet up with familiar speed in Royalton. The LP-A swarming defense will have to contend with two Royal rushers who have each gone over 1,000 yards. No. 22 senior running back Ryan Weiner has surpassed the 1,400-yard mark. He is the Thunder of the duo, weighing in at 6-1, 215 pounds.

No. 25 Zack Lanners is a 5-10, 165-pound sophomore RB, who has over 1,300 yards. He is the Lightning with superior speed. LP-A DE twins Danny and Bryan Ware will be key players in containing Lanners, since both possess high-end speed to cover the end-around runs.

No. 5 senior quarterback Shawn Lanners has thrown for over 1,200 yards, he is 6-0, 180.

It is a matchup highlighted by Class 1A's No. 1 defense in LP-A (giving up just 6.2 points per game) and the No. 1 offense of Royalton, which averages 41 points per game.

Limiting the big plays will be key for the LP-A defense, which has allowed just one play over 30 yards all season.

The carpet will be a fast surface, but both teams have good speed. The Raiders can establish a good rushing attack if they can have good fortunes running between the tackles, meaning Kenyon O'Brien and that athletic Raider offensive line will have to be in top form.

If O'Brien can make some big gains, that will open the end-arounds up for Bryan Ware and Bobby Lalonde, who both can go the distance on any play.

Two big factors will wideouts Zach Downs and Jesse Wixo. QB Brian Gordon has proven to deliver a nice ball and can be a good compliment to the rushing game. Each of Wixo and Downs usually have mismatches with their height. They are effective red zone targets, who can time their catches by going up at the highest point of the throw and reaching over a helpless CB.

Gordon has taken care of the ball well, limiting his interceptions to a minimum.

I will look for some season stats for both teams and post them ASAP.

Score of the Ada-Borup and Houston game: 56-8...with 5:09 left in the third quarter.

Any questions, feel free to put in comment section or any comments more than welcome.

Brian Basham will post some pictures from the first half at halftime, as well.

SECOND ENTRY (QUICKY STATS, Regular season stats)

LP-A: Team Passing - 831, 110-51-7 (att-comp-int)

Team rushing: 2,798 yards.

Rushing leaders (att-yds): K. O'Brien 190-1,289; 19 TD's.

Passing leaders (att-comp-int-yds-td) B. Gordon 103-48-7-784-10.

Receiving leaders (rec-yds-tds): J. Wixo 24-392-6; Z. Downs 17-283-1.


Team passing: 982 yards

Team rushing (att-yds): 409-3,124

Rushing leaders (att-yds-td): R. Wiener 171-1,219-18; Z. Lanners 110-1,157-16.

Passing leaders (att-comp-int-yds-td): S. Lanners 102-66-4-960-12

Receiving leaders (rec-yds-td): Z. Lanners 19-456-8; C. Jendro 32-402-5.