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Two Flyers make State

Two Minnesota Flyer gymnasts made some club history after earning a berth in the Level 6 Compulsory State Gymnastics meet Dec. 13.

Peyton Jernberg and Molly Lyngass are the first Flyers ever to qualify for the compulsory state meet, as both notched scores of 32 or higher in the all-around category in the "Fly Away" meet Nov. 15 in Forest Lake.

The two Level 6 gymnasts had three opportunities to qualify for the state meet, and had to collect all-around scores of higher than 32 to do so.

The meet in Forest Lake was the last opportunity, and both cashed in, as Lyngass finished with a 32.1 and Jernberg a 32.7.

Lyngass will be competing in the 10-year-old division, while Jernberg will be in the eight- and nine-year-old division.

The state meet consists of 270 competitors, and if an all-around score of 31 is reached, they can be bumped up to Level 7.

The Flyers' competitive season is actually just half done, with four to five meets still on the schedule, which resumes in the month of December.