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Detroit Lakes boys' swimming and diving has 'great' meet in close loss to Moorhead

Quillan Oak comes up for breath during the 100-yard butterfly event Tuesday night.1 / 2
Laker Jon Melgaard performs a backflip in the pike position during the diving event Tuesday night.2 / 2

Finishing in first place isn't everything, and it also isn't the only thing.

Despite losing their Tuesday home meet 96-90 to Class 2A powerhouse Moorhead inside the BTD Aquatics Center, Detroit Lakes head swimming coach Rian Heimark wasn't dejected about his team's performance.

In fact, his feelings were the opposite.

"It was a great meet for us," Heimark said. "Heading into the meet, I told the guys the final score means nothing and they came out unreal. There were a lot of personal best times and many improved times.

"Although we didn't have a lot of first place finishes, we had guys placing in the second, third and fourth place spots. These are key places for scoring (team) points. Everyone put their heart and soul in the meet."

The Lakers were able to take a few gold-places, though, against the mighty Spuds.

Senior Michael Bogda had a great meet, winning the 50 freestyle with a time of 24.94, while taking second in the 100 freestyle with a 55.15.

Despite swimming in his off-events (not his normal ones), Quillan Oak still was tops in the 100 backstroke with a 1:02.12.

Oak also finished second in the 100 butterfly with a time of 1:05.02.

Zach Conklin was victorious in the 100 breaststroke, as well, with a mark of 1:18.91.

The meet also started out in good fashion, with the foursome of Bogda, Oak, Brandon Olson and Conklin winning the 200-medley relay at 1:54.41.

After Jon Melgaard won the diving competition with a score of 219.05, the cylinders kept pumping out good performances by the Lakers.

"When Jon won diving, that really kept the motivation going for the guys," Heimark said. "The big improvements came from our new swimmers -- who are taking 12 to 15 seconds off their times -- who have their goals. That in turn, is pushing everyone else. Our depth is going a long way."

Olson finished second in the 200 IM, while slicing a full second off his personal best. He led the entire race, up to the last 50 yards when his Spud opponent caught him and touched Olson out.

The Lakers will host their DL Invite Saturday inside the BTD Aquatics Center, starting at 10 a.m.

Laker results

Moorhead at Detroit Lakes, Tuesday, Jan. 6.

Spuds 96, Lakers 90

DL event results -- 200 medley relay: 1. DL A (Michael Bogda, Quillan Oak, Brandon Olson, Zach Conklin) 1:54.41; 3. DL B (Cody Johnson, Travis King, Dameon Rozek, Isaac Pazdernik) 2:15.98; 5. DL C (Carter Krengel, Justin George, Alex Renner, Cody Okeson) 2:23.28; 6. DL D (Jordan George, Clem Foltz, Logan Peterick, Vaughn Johnson) 2:30.28...200 freestyle: 3. Jon Melgaard 2:18.98; 5. Brady Eilertson 2:25.74; 7. Krengel 2:41.87...200 individual medley: 2. Olson 2:26.41; 4. King 2:37.03; 6. C. Johnson 2:46.88...50 freestyle: 1. Bogda 24.94; 4. Conklin 25.69; 5. Dillon Cole 29.09; 8. Cody Okeson 29.12; 8. Ben Langworthy 30.51; 9. George 33.65...Diving: 1. Melgaard 219.05; 5. George 131; V. Johnson 114.9...100 butterfly: 2. Oak 1:05.02; 4. Rozek 1:16.01...100 freestyle: 2. Bogda 55.15; 4. Eilertson 1:04.08; 6. Cole 1:08.41; 7. Isaac Pazdernik 1:08.50; 8. Renner 1:09.73; 9. Langworthy 1:10.80; 10. George 1:17.10...500 freestyle: 2. Olson 5:33.73; 5. Rozek 7:00.98; 6. Clem Foltz 7:29.41...200 freestyle relay: 2. DL A (Conklin, Eilertson, Okeson, Melgaard) 1:51.59; 4. DL B (Aaron Colby, Pazdernik, V. Johnson, Cole) 1:59.23; 5. DL C (Krengel, Jordan George, Peterick, Justin George) 2:07.26...100 backstroke: 1. Oak 1:02.12; 4. C. Johnson 1:15.25; 5. Renner 1:23.79; 6. Krengel 1:32.37; 7. Jordan George 1:45.09...100 breaststroke: 1. Conklin 1:18.91; 3. King 1:27.99; 5. Foltz 1:28.70...400 freestyle relay: 1. DL A (Bogda, Olson, King, Oak) 3:50.35; 2. DL B (Eilertson, C. Johnson, Pazdernik, Melgaard) 4:32.52; 3. DL C (Rozek, Renner, Langworthy, Okeson) 4:51.67; 4. DL D (C. Foltz, Colby, Peterick, Cole) 5:00.36.